Stencil Dot T-shirts

Creating these fun holiday themed t-shirts is super easy using pencil erasers! You can make a fun fall shirt now and also save the idea for a star spangled summer family reunion project as well! The possibilities are endless!

My  Daughter in Law is setting this up as a baby shower activity on onsies for the baby to have a years worth (different sized onsies) of holiday shirts all year long, painted by the party goers during the shower!

they are so easy your children can help you make them also!


White T-shirts
Fabric paint (can use acryilic paint if can't find fabric paint).
pencils with new erasers
Freezer paper(found in the aluminum foil section of your store)
cardboard to insert into shirt.

How to :
Print out /draw desired shape on paper to create a stencil. Cut out shape.

Trace this stencil onto freezer paper and cut out of freezer paper.

Insert cardboard into t-shirt.

Lightly iron on the freezer paper shiny/slick side down onto desired location of t-shirt.

Using paint and pencil erasers dot the paint close together all around the stencil in several "rows".
You want to eliminate any white t-shirt showing through around the edges of the stencil. Paint should be getting onto the stencil itself to ensure good coverage.

Paint dots randomly around the t-shirt. This is where your creativity kicks in!

Let paint dry.

Peel Stencil off of shirt.

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