Fall Burlap Wreath

This cute, yet inexpensive wreath can be made for fall or any season or colors that you love, any time of year!

This wreath from start to finish was under $10 by using some inexpensive supplies. I made this one for my daughter in law, using her favorite colors. The pictures show the deep teal as more blue than it really is. Her favorite colors of red and teal are the feature for this version, but I already have a more traditional autumn themed wreath in the works, using deep autumn yellow, orange, and red felt flowers. Have fun with it!

Felt Flowers (see how here)
Pool Noodle
Duck Tape.
Plain Burlap Ribbon
Printed Burlap Bow (I used a red chevron pattern)
Hot Glue Gun.
sewing pins.

Monogram wooden letter (Mine is about 13 inches long).
Scrap book paper and modge podge Glue

Take Pool noodle and form a circle. Grab a friend, and have them help you secure the noodle in to the wreath shape by wrapping it securly in duct tape.

Wrap pool noodle in burlap ribbon, overlapping the ribbon to cover the wreath. Secure end of burlap ribbon with hot glue to the wreath.

Using sewing pins, place felt flowers in desired locations, and secure into the wreath. Using the pins will allow you to "play" with the placement before you are ready to secure them permanently with hot glue.

When you are ready to permamently secure the flowers to wreath, gently lift the flower up slightly and hot glue it to wreath.
(I wonder if you secured the flowers down tightly enough with pins, if you could swap out the felt flowers year round to change up the wreath?)
Glue Printed Burlap Bow to bottom of wreath, right next to the last flowers.

To use a monogram letter:
Using Modge podge and scrapbooking paper , cover a wooden alphabet letter  to decorate.
Hot glue bottom of letter to the inside bottom of wreath right above teh bow. If top /sides of letter touch the wreath, hot glue there as well.
Using clear fishing line, feed the line around /through the top of the letter ,and secure around the top of the wreath, tying a tight knot in the fishing line.

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