Felt Flowers

Making Felt Flowers, like these little Roses is very easy to do! You can have a bunch of them made up in minutes! No real crafting talent needed! I promise!
I am making a wreath for my daughter in law using most of her favorite colors (Which I will show you in my next post! Sorry for the teaser! You can use these little flowers in a ton of different ways!

Let me show you how to do it.

8 1/2 x 11 inch sheet of felt.
an old CD (Computer, music, dvd, etc)
Hot Glue Gun

Trace a circle onto your felt using the old cd as a template and the pencil. (I can fit 3 circles to a sheet)
Cut out Circles
Draw a spiral shape onto the felt. (Ok, after the first one I skipped drawing the spiral, and just sort of cut it out by eye)
Following your spiral drawing cut out your spiral.
Starting in the center of the spiral start rolling up the spiral in your hands.

Secure the last outside end of the spiral to the rolled up flower with a dot of hot glue.

In this version, I started rolling it up by forming a "cup" in the middle.
This gave it completely different look than the others that were rolled up straight/even. (see the second picture above this one to see the difference!)

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