How to Make Diaper Babies

Need to dress up a simple baby shower gift of a package of diapers?  Make theses cute diaper babies in just minutes. You can dress up a small basket but with almost no effort! Plus I got everything at the dollar store! So you are spending next to nothing!

No more plopping a pack of diapers in a gift bag! This is almost as quick and easy and you will wow everyone who sees it! (Don't tell them it only took you a few minutes to throw together.)

Here's how.

Wash Cloths (one for each diaper baby)
baby socks (one for each diaper baby)
rubber bands (one for each diaper baby)
Safety pin (one for each diaper baby)
Sharpie Marker

How to:

Roll up diaper from the waistband down to the bottom.

Secure with a rubber band near top of one end.

Swaddle the lower 2/3rds of the diaper roll with the wash cloth and secure with a safety pin.

Place cuffed (or roll a cuff yourself) baby sock over rubberband to create a small hat

Draw "eyes" I like to do dots, dashes, and "U" shapes, to mix it up!

Place in basket with diapers, wipes, and other basket fillers.

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