Angel Necklace

This angel necklace is a  super quick, easy, and thrifty gift.It is pefect for coworkers, neighbors, or makes a great gift your children can make for teachers, grandparents, and more.

I received this from a coworker last year for Christmas, and knew you guys would love it too.

Jan's Tip: The paperclips used in this necklace are often called butterfly paper clips or Ideal clips/clamps and are found in any office supply store.

Angel Necklace


Large Butterfly Paper Clips
Pearl Beads
Red Ribbon

1. Cut desired length of ribbon for necklace. (mine is about 24 inches long)
2. Feed BOTH ends of the ribbon through the hole of the bead and tie the two ends together in a knot.
3. Lay the ribbon straight with the  knotted end at the top and slide the bead in the middle.
4. Feed the bottom end  of the ribbon through the diamond shaped center of the butterfly paper clip.
5. Pull the bottom end up a little ways and open it up into a circle shape.
6. Grab the bead and pull it and remaining ribbon through the center of the open loop of ribbon.
7. Pull tight till ribbon is secured around the paper clip.

8. Slide the bead down to rest on top of the butterfly clip.
 Done! It's ready to wear or give as a gift!

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