How to Drizzle Icing like a Pro!

Ever buy those bread or cinnamon roll tubes or kits from the store that you bake at home and then drizzle the little packets of frosting over the top?

If you are anything like me you try to open the packets of icing, and icing just glops out in a big plop and you have a hard time getting it to spread evenly over your freshly baked treats.

With the holiday season upon us, when we will all be sharing goodies with our friends and neighbors, let me show you  a little trick on how to drizzle the icing from those little packets and make it look like a pro did it!

Today I baked up pumpkin bread from a boxed kit. (ok I added chocolate chips and pecans to the batter).  I will be taking it to work and want it to look really nice.

Empty squeeze bottle tube with narrow tip  (usually a dollar or less at the store)
Icing packet.


Open packet of icing, and push the open end a short ways into the squeeze bottle.
Squish all the icing from the packet into the squeeze bottle.
Remove empty packet and replace lid of squeeze bottle.
Drizzle icing over your baked goods.


  1. your bread looks wonderful.
    I normally 'massage' the icing packet so that it kinda warms up while massaging it and then I just snip off a corner and gently squeeze out for drizzling. Sometimes I just get lazy and don't want to dirty a squeeze bottle for just alittle bit of icing.
    Baby, it's cold and windy outside. Sitting on heating pad to keep my bum warm :}

    1. Inevitably I end up snipping too large of a hole, and then end up with big glops. Tasty glops, but not pretty ones! For the family I don't mind, but for taking as a "gift" well, I like to pretend I'm better at it than I actually am! How can this be so hard? I have no idea! LOL

  2. When I do the refrigerated cinnamon rolls I just scoop out a lump of frosting and place it on top of the piping hot roll. By the time I get to the last roll, the first one has softened enough so that I can spread it like a glaze. Only works for cinnamon rolls!

    1. You just reminded me, with 9 kids in my family growing up, my dad would do that with toast in the morning. He'd toast like 6 slices in a large toaster oven and put a plop of butter on each one, by the time he got back the first one, it wasjust melty goodness all over the toast! :)


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