Nativity Blocks

FindingToddler/Baby friendly Nativity pieces that they can pick up and play with safely can be challenge and expensive.  These Homemade Nativity Blocks is one option for you.

I am making a set for my oldest Son's family. They have blessed me with my first grandchild and as her first Christmas (and soon after her first birthday) come upon us, I wanted to make them a fun set that is baby /toddler proof.

There are many ways to make Nativity Blocks and I'll talk you through what I did , plus some other options that might work for you.

First lets talk about the Blocks themselves.

Block Options:

1) Premade Wooden Children's Blocks. 
     This is the option I am using. I still had a set of blocks from when my kids were little. I am dividing them up and doing a set for each of my 3 children's families/future families. Just clean these up the best you can and they are ready to use.

2) Premade/precut unfinished wood blocks.
     Many craft stores have those 1 inch or 2 inch square wooden blocks. You can easily use them. They will all be the same size and that is just fine!  You can leave them unfinished, or paint/stain them in a nontoxic finish. I have not studied up on what those may be, so let us know what you find.

3) Cut your own blocks.
     Go to the hardware store and buy either 1 x2 inch wood planks or even 2x4 inch and cut them down to the size blocks you want. Again, you can cut them all the same size, or cut them into different sizes and shapes. Be as easy or creative as you want to be.  Most hardware stores will cut theses down for you, for a small charge, so if you do not have anyone in your family,neighborhood, or work or church community that can do it for you, just pay the fee and have them precut for you. Then sand down the edges with sand paper to make them a little bit "safer". Leave unfinished, or paint/stain as desired.

Nativity Picture Options

There are several options for you here as well.
1) Nativity Stickers.
     I used this option. I bought a set of stickers online at Amazon. I couldn't really find the perfect set, but settled on this one, The Con's to this choice is flexibility. I really wanted individual Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus stickers, but didn't like the options, or the ones I did like ended up being too small. I chose this cute set, but had to give up the individual blocks for Mary, Joseph and Baby. The Pro's to this choice is cost and convenience. It was cheaper to order the stickers even with shipping than the cost of using my own color ink, as well as not having the time to size, and resize the individual characters to fit my blocks. You can probably find cute stickers in your craft stores closer to the holidays but I was making theses "off season" so resorted to ordering them.

2) Download Clipart.
     Just go to Etsy and type in Nativity clipart and you'll find some really great options for around $4-5.oo you can download, resize each picture to the size you want, and print them yourself.
The Con's to this choice: I was going to do this option, but decided the cost of the color ink would be as much or more than just using stickers. The Pro's to this option is the flexibility in choosing the nativity pieces/characters you want for your set. as well as being able to resize each character to fit the individual blocks.

Other Supplies:
Modge Podge or other clear coat non toxic sealer.
Foam Craft Brush

Sandpaper if needed on unfinished blocks.


  • If using unfinished blocks, sand edges with sand paper to take the sharp edges down.
  • Wipe Blocks clean.
  • Paint or stain blocks if desired. let dry completely.
  • Place Stickers or Glue down clip art pictures onto blocks.
  • Coat the sticker side of the block with modge podge sealer or other clear coat sealer.
  • Let dry completely, before packaging up as gift.


  1. What a great idea you have in making the nativity out of blocks. The little ones can enjoy the stories and have their own nativity set and the parents won't have to worry about them breaking the adult nativity. Thank you for sharing with the Clever Chicks Blog Hop! I hope you’ll join us again next week!

    Kathy Shea Mormino
    The Chicken Chick

  2. What a cute and clever idea. Hubby Always has scraps of wood laying around that normally gets tossed in the burn barrel. I need to go grab some wood pieces before he throws them away.
    Thank U


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