Upcycled Santa Ornament

This Santa Ornament is not only adorable, it is quick and easy too! I also love that it uses recycled soda can tabs and leftover red shredded gift bag filler!

Grab a hot glue gun and lets get started!


  • Round clear plastic or glass ornaments (found at craft stores)
  • Red crinkle shredded gift bag shreds
  • Black ribbon (I used the kind that has white stitching along edges)
  • pop top tab pulled off of a soda can
  • red ribbon 
  • Optional: Jingle bell or other embellishments


Pull the top off of the ornament ball.
Fill the ball with the paper shreds.
Replace ornament top on the ornament
Cut approx. 8 inches of ribbon.
Feed one end of ribbon up from the bottom through one hole of soda tab.
continue feeding the ribbon back down through the remaining hole in the soda tab.
Pull about 2 inches of the ribbon through.
Hot glue opposite end of the ribbon to the middle of the ornament ball.
Wrap ribbon around the middle of the ball so the Soda tab "belt buckle" ovelaps the first end.
Secure the belt buckle end of the ribbon by hot gluing it in several spots to the ornament.
Feed a jingle bell through the red ribbon and tie through top of ornament for hanging.
Add any other desired embellishiments.


  1. what an adorable ornament and so very easy to make. A person can make several of these in no time at all.
    One thing I have learned over time was to add just a bit of glue to the topper before putting back on the glass ornament

    1. That is a great idea! They pop off so easily it seems!


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