Upcycled Vintage Linen Gift Wrap

Turning vintage cloth napkins into these cute little "envelopes" is easier than you think, and is really a no sew or nearly a no sew project that anyone can make! Perfect to tuck in books, stationary, journals, or small items like scarves, jewelry etc..

This is the perfect way to turn a simple gift into a memorable one, because lets face it, it's all in the packaging!

Next time you are at a yard sale, estate sale, or thrift store, be on the look out for square cloth napkins!

I grabbed these cream colored square "pillow covers" from habitat for humianty restores and paid less than 25 cents each and they were brand new from Ethan Allen, too!

Ok lets get you started:


Square cloth napkin
iron on fusible web hem tape
needle and thread:
embelishments such as : ribbons and buttons
one set of sticky backed velcro dots


On flat work surface place cloth in a diamond shape.

Fold bottom corner up approx to center or cloth.
cut and iron on strips of hem tape along edges of the turned up bottom corner.
Peel off paper from top of the hem tape.
Fold over sides of the cloth so corners over lap and meet on top of the bottom corner in the center of the cloth.
Iron along the edges of the sides where the hem tape is to seal up the bottom portion of the envelope
Use a needle and thread and tack the 3 corners together in the center of the cloth.(But DO NOT sew through the whole cloth, remember you are making a pocket here!)
Place one half the velcro dot set just below where you sewed the corners together.
Place the other half the velcro dot at the top corner of the cloth.
Fold over top corner and press the velcro dots together to close the envelope.
Embelish the envelope as desired.
(I chose to use the hem tape and iron on the black ribbon and sew on a button to jazz up my plain packets.)
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