Game Day Chili Bar

A Chili Bar is the perfect way to feed people for game day!  Homemade chili is the base for a choice of  Nachos, Chili dogs, or a bowl of chili with all the toppings.  I love that it covers a lot of food choices for everyone, without tons and tons of work and cooking for me.

My last post I shared my chili recipe. For game day I usually double the recipe (or more if a ton of people are coming).  I make it the day ahead and then just slow simmer it on the stove or put it in a crock pot on warm on the day of the game. That means that on the busy game day I can just work on pulling together the rest of the bar choices, and picking up the house a little without the stress of cooking from scratch.

When my guests ask what they can bring, I will often give them an assignment that will help me with the toppings for the Chili bar such as hot dog buns, tortilla chips, Cheese, Onions, drinks, etc.

I'll share what I usually pull together for mine, but get creative!

Chili Bar Ingredients:

Crock Pot of Chili
Shredded cheese
Sour cream
hot sauce

 For the Nacho's:
Crockpot of Nacho cheese sauce. (I usually grab the large #10 can from Sams Club)
tortilla chips

For the Chili Dogs;
Crock pot of simmering hot dogs
Hot dog buns

For bowls of Chili:
Tortilla bowls and paper bowls
Corn bread 

I keep the desserts simple: a pan of brownies, chocolate chip cookies, and cinnamon rolls.

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