Valentine Friendship Treat Bags

This little bag of Valentine treats is perfect to put together for a little hand out for adults or youth.  I've made these for coworkers, youth groups, book club friends and more.

I had forgotten all about this little idea until I was sorting through a file folder recently ,and knew it was perfect to share with you.

Today I made it for some co-workers, so I actually added my companies logo to the top of the treat bag. It's so flexible you can do lots with the idea, from adding a valentine/heart graphic, to personalizing with a picture of you and your friend.

I have changed the poem over the years from the longer version (which is almost a bookmark really) to a shorter version that fits better as a treat bag topper. I'll share both versions of the poem with you today.

Jan's Tip: The moment Christmas Candies go on clearance, see if you can grab some holiday wrapped mini bite versions of some of the candies on the list. The red and silver wrappers are perfect for this treat bag! (So you'll notice my red "bell" butterfingers, hey they were 75% off!)

Shorter Treat Bag Version:
Printable Copy (without a logo at top)
Friendship Bag
Lifesavers: To remind you that we all need help once in awhile!
Hugs and Kisses: To remind you we all need love and appreciation!
Butterfingers: To remind you we all make mistakes!
Snickers: To remind you to smile and laugh as often as possible!

I enjoy our friendship!
Happy Valentines Day

Longer Original Poem:
Printable Copy

Friendship Bag

Contained in this bag are sweet reminders of friendship.

Lifesavers:  to remind you that many times others need your help and you ened theirs too!
Hugs & Kisses: To remind you that we all need lots of love in our days!
Butterfingers: To remind you that everyone makes mistakes. Always remember to forgive and ask forgiveness from others.
Snickers: To remind you always to smile, laugh, love and enjoy life, and...

Our friendship together!
Happy Valentines Day!
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