Button Hair Ties

These easy to make hair ties will only take you a minute to make! Need the perfect addition to your  daughter's  Easter outfit? You can easily make your own to match!

I am making a bunch up for my cute 1 year old grand daughter. She has the cutest little "Pony Sprout" on top of her head, that I wanted to make her a few little button hair ties to jazz up her look!

The nice thing is you can easily take the buttons off and make new ones! You could easily tie on some coordinating ribbons to the backs of the button shanks too to jazz them up even more!

It's so easy I'll show you how.

Jan's Tip: For the buttons, you'll want the kind that has the shank on the back not the flat ones with the holes in them.


Buttons (The kind with the shank on the back)
Small elastic hair ties
a small wire  (I used one from the back side of the button package but a bread twist tie might work too)


I found that using a small wire to feed the elastic through the button just works faster than shoving the elastic through on your own.

Feed a small wire through the center of the elastic.
Bend the wire in half.
Pinch the elastic around the creased end of the wire.
Feed both ends of the wire through the shank on the button.
Pull the wire through the opening and a small portion of the elastic. (Don't pull it all the way through)
Remove wire from elastic
Fold over the long end of the elastic over the short end.
Grab the short end of the elastic from the middle /center opening of the long piece.
Pull until the elastic is tight against the button

Optional: Tie small coordinating ribbons onto the button shank if room allows to embelish.

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