Saving Money on Girl Scout Cookies

Have you seen the price of those little boxes of girl scout cookies these days? They are getting to be quite expensive!  and at only one time of year, what is one to do with a Samoa craving say in September?

Let me share my secret tip for getting all the taste and flavor of girl scout cookies at half the price.

Dollar General stores has a line of girl scout cookie knock offs that are just as good and are under $2.00 a box!

Samoas, Thin mints and Tag-alongs any time you want! Just look for the Clover Valley brand of cookies at Dollar General and you'll have  the taste you have been craving at half the cost.
(And if you really want to support the girl scouts why don't you donate to them through their Operation Troops campaign, where they send care packages and girl scout cookies to our troops?)
Here is the  link: http://www.operationgratitude.com/tag/girls-scout-cookies/

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