Water Bath Canning Trick

Filling your Water Bath Canner Trick.

If you are new to canning or if you are not, you will love this little trick!
With waterbath canning (different than pressure canning) You almost always need to make sure your jars are covered with about an inch or more of water above the jars, to process them.
In filling your canner, you dont' want to fill it too full, because putting the jars in will make the water rise, so knowing how much water to add and begin boiling can be a guessing game sometimes.
Recently I was canning 5 pints of pickles.
When I put them in, the water was just a little lower than it should be, so my handy dandy trick worked out great!

Just fill an empty canning jar with water. Seal it as usual, and place into the canner. It will help the water rise higher to the depth you need.
And the added benefit?:   The canned  water is now purified, and will keep on your pantry shelf in your emergency supply section. Handy if water becomes contaminated, (Which has happened in near by West Virginia this year.)
Pretty neat.
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