Easy Trick for Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Chocolate Covered Strawberries are a wonderful Mothers Day Treat. You do not have to individually dip each strawberry! Let me share 2 different versions that will have you feeding a crowd (or just yourself!) in moments!

Ok, so the first and easiest method is the good ol' ice cube tray method! You can get a dozen strawberry cubes done in just a few moments.

The other method are individual chocolate covered strawberry candies. These are adorable for bridal or baby showers, wedding favors, or to let you mom know how much you love her! They are made from silicone ice cube or candy trays too!

Lets get you started!

Chocolate Strawberry Cubes:

Plastic Ice Cube trays

12 medium sized  strawberries
1 1b. Chocolate Candy Coating.

Using your ice cube trays, select strawberries that will fit into each cube slot.
Trim sides of strawberries as needed to fit into the slots.
Remove strawberries from the slots and set aside.
Melt Chocolate according to pkg. directions
Fill each ice cube slot 1/2 full of chocolate.
Push strawberries into the chocolate filled slots.
Pour chocolate over the top of the ice cube tray to cover all the strawberries. (Forgot to take a picture!)
Set in refrigerator 20 minutes to set the chocolate.
After chocolate is set. You can carefully pop out the cubes, or you can leave as is, and wrap up the entire tray in celephone and ribbons adn give as a gift!

Chocolate Strawberry Candy:

Heart shaped silicone ice cube or candy tray.

5-6 medium strawberries
1 1b. Chocolate Candy Coating.

Slice strawberries down their long sides .
Test slices into silicone mold slots to see if they fit inside slots, trimming down strawberry slices as needed.
Set strawberry slices aside.
Melt chocolate according to pkg directions.
Pour chocolate into molds till molds are 1/2 full.
Place strawberry slices into chocolate filled molds.
Pour chocolate over top of strawberry slices to top of each mold.
Place mold into refrigerator 20 minutes until chocolate is set.
Carefully remove each chocolate candy from mold.

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