Make Your Own Tea Bags with Coffee Filters

make your own tea bagsUsing a simple coffee filter you can easily make your own tea bags in minutes. It makes a great gift at the holidays. I recently made some bathtub tea bags for Mothers Day. Let me show you how I make them. The same principal goes for making tea bags for drinking, just change up your tea ingredients!


coffee filters (1 for each tea bag)
Tea ingredients (I am using oatmeal and lavender for my bathtub tea bags)

Tags for labels


Open up coffee filter
Place tea contents in center.
I use about 2 Tablepsoons Oats and 1 Tablespoon Lavender each
Fold coffee filter in half.
With the folded edge in the palm of one  hand, cut a 1 to 1 1/2 inch strip off the opposite side.
(This will turn the coffee filter into a long rectangle.
Carefully place coffee filter on work surface and fold over the cut edge 2 times.
Place coffee filter on table so that the rolled over edge is now in the center, facing up.
Fold the bottom of tea bag to meet the top edge, folding the tea bag in half.
Fold over the new top edge of the tea bag 2x and staple to seal.
Tea bag is now ready to use
You can attach a string and tag if desired also. Just staple the string near the first staple
Staple a simple tag  to opposite end of string.

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