Ready to Use Italian Sausage Slices

Sharing another one of my new favorite time saving shortcuts! We all have times where we need to put a meal together quickly, but  truthfully have run out of energy to get it done. Usually it's when I forgot to put together a crock pot meal early in the morning, and now it's dinner time and I have nothing ready to go.

I found these precooked, sliced Italian Sausage/Brats in the freezer section of my local grocery store. My meat loving husband  and sons approve!

I am not getting paid to endorse them, I just happen to love the product!

I can toss together a quick Italian Sausage and Marinara sauce sub sandwich, or spaghetti on the fly, but also one  skillet meals with the sausage, rice, beans, etc. It's just so versatile, the possibilities are endless and dinner is only minutes away!

tonight I threw together a quick red beans and rice dish for our meal:

I think it's worth keeping a bag stashed in the freezer, just for those days you need a quick helping hand for dinner.

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