Friday Feature: Fillable Paint Touch up Bottles

Sharing a few of my new favorite things in a monthly  post called Favorite Things Friday: Today I am talking about paint touch ups. We recently had our kitchen cabinets painted. These cabinets are those straight from the home improvement store kind that have a thin veneer on the front so you can't really sand them down to repaint.  Purchasing all new cabinets is out of the question.

Although we had someone come in to paint them, and he applied a product that would help the paint stick to the cabinets. I am finding that it is fairly easy to knick the paint on the cupboards.  I wanted a quick and easy way to touch up the little annoying spots whenever they pop up.

 I had seen those fillable paint pens on tv commercials but there price was ridiculous,so I searched for something small, handy and inexpensive.

I found these ez mix 2 oz. touch up bottles that hold just the right amount of paint and have a small paint brush attached to the lid. They also have a small marble/ball in them so you can shake and mix the paint before you use it, and it only cost me a few dollars.

Now that's more like it!

I am not getting paid to say this, I really just happen to like and use the product! I have one now for every room in the house!

Here is where I found them: amazon.com


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