Preserving Fresh Basil

Today I am sharing my new method for preserving my fresh garden basil in my fridge.

The method I learned was from redhead can decorate, she shares her Grandmothers method for preserving her Basil in the refrigerator for up to a year. She's got such a wonderful site, you should go over and check her out! (But not till your done reading this post, haha!)

I don't grow basil year round, just in the summer with my tomatoes. So I won't be saving it for a whole year, but rather using most of it in making my homemade Marinara sauce with my homegrown tomatoes, green peppers, onions, garlic, oregono, and basil. (YUM!)
But I do need to pick and preserve the basil through out the summer till I am ready to make several large batches of sauce.

Not wanting loose the freshness with dehydrating, or bother freezing it into cubes, I have found this method the best. It does darken in color some when I go to use it,but  tastes very fresh!

Container such as a mason Jar with a tight fitting lid
Olive Oil

Clean and dry your basil.
Sprinkle a little salt into the bottom. ( I used Coarse Kosher Salt)
Layer with basil
drizzle with oil
repeat salt, basil, and oil till used up all your basil.
Press down on basil to make sure all of it is covered with oil and salt.
Add oil if needed to cover the basil.
Put lid on container and the date.

Tips from The Redhead Can Decorate: 

"FYI: When you put olive oil in the refrigerator, it solidifies.  No worries, it’s normal.  All you have to do is scoop out the amount  of basil leaves you need with a spoon and allow them to sit in a bowl until it’s room temperature.  Feel free to rinse the leaves in warm water if you prefer less oil.  You may also notice that the basil leaves turn darker in color.  This is also normal.    Be sure to add more olive oil to the container if the leaves aren’t covered.  " - Redheadcandercorate.com

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