4 Mason Jar Party Dessert Cup Ideas

Mason Jar Dessert Cups are a very fun, cute, and creative way to serve up a treat or send people home from a party with a yummy little favor.  I recently had a baby shower to help with and made these fun little jars of Banana Cream Pie for the party.
Mason Jar Desserts

I used my Banana Cream Pie Recipe which is so delicious and easy!
Click here for the  link to my Banana Cream Pie recipe.

I used very small 4 oz. sized mason jars.(The teeny tiny ones)

 Banana Pudding Cups:Makes approx. 24 (4 oz) mason jars

1 batch banana pudding
2-3 banana's diced
1 box vanilla wafers
1 (8 oz) carton whipped cream.

Place clean mason jars on a large tray or cookie sheet.
Prepare pudding.
Dice bananas and lightly sprinkle with lemon juice to help preserve color.
Mix diced bananas into prepared pudding.
Place one vanilla wafer into bottom of each mason jar
Layer 2 heaping Tablespoons of pudding mixture on top of the cookies.
Layer with another vanilla wafer on top of the pudding layer
Repeat with the Pudding mixture.
Spread 2 Tablespoons of whipped topping on top of last pudding layer.
Cover jars. (you can use the lids and rings from the jars or just cover the whole tray in plastic wrap.)

Optional Ideas:

Cheesecake Cups:
I also used my no bake  Cherry Cream Cheese Pie recipe to make mini jars of cheesecake cups.
Used the same vanilla wafers (to sub for the graham cracker crumbs)
Made the cherry cheese pie filling and layered exactly the same as above.
Top with cherry, strawberry, or raspberry pie filling.

 The Banana Cream Pie Recipe also has options using the same recipe to make Peanut Butter Snickers Pie and Chunky Monkey Pie. These would make Super tasty dessert cups!

Banana Cream Pie Recipe with 2 Variations

Chunky Monkey Cups : A creamy peanut butter flavored pudding with an Oreo base but with banana chunks. Use an Oreo cookies instead of the vanilla wafers. Mix the diced bananas into the peanut butter pudding, top with whipped cream.

Peanut butter Snicker Cups: make the Peanut Butter Pudding from the Banana Cream Pie variation. Stir in the diced snicker bar chunks. Layer the pudding cups with either vanilla wafers or Oreo cookies. and top with whipped cream.

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