Friday Feature: Freezer Tape

Friday Feature is a once a month post where I share some of my favorite things! I do not get paid to endorse these products (and will always tell you if I do!). I just happen to love them!

Today's feature is so simple, but I can not live without it! (Or I regret if when I do!)
Freezer Tape. I know, it's been around forever but it is a money and food saver for sure!

I think we all have had those  "UFO"'s in our freezer: Unidenitied Food Objects. Those frozen baggies or containers that we were sure we'd remember what they were, and now months later the strawberry purree looks remarkably like tomatoe puree! or the mystery meat?

A quick label with freezer tape on any of your freezer containers will save you from throwing out food you never used,because you don't really know what it is!

You can usually find it in the same section as your aluminum foil, and storage bags. Pick up a roll, you won't regret it!

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