Friday Feature: The Perfect Pillow for Side Sleepers

Todays Fridays Feature is near and dear to me! This side sleeper pillow by Remedy is fantastic! If you are a side sleeper or have a family member who is a side sleeper this is a must have! Perfect gift idea for the holidays! (in fact shhh! a few of my children will be getting one too!)

Photo Credit: walmart.com

I am not getting paid to endorse this product! I will always tell you if I am! I truly do use and love this pillow!

Side Sleepers Problems:
Shoulder and Neck Pain: From sleeping in incorrect alignment. pinching nerves, pulling muscles.
Ear Pain: From squishing and overheating your ear on the side you are sleeping on
Arms: Awkward feeling like you don't know what to do with them.

This pillow solves all of those problems!

 Shoulder and Neck Relief: The curved  shape of this pillow is perfect to nestle your shoulder right up to the pillow. The width is perct for your head, but supports your neck and shoulder perfectly!

Ear Relief:  In the picture above you'll see a little circle shaped cut out. That is exactly for your ear! No more squished ear! Seriously wonderful!

Arm Relief: You can easily wrap your arms around the extended sides (one side IS longer than the other) and snuggle right in with it. One extended side is longer for supporting your back, but truth be told, I flip from side to side and just use both sides of the pillow equally.

Other features:

  • It has a zipper enclosed pillow case (shown above on the pillow) that can be removed and washed!
  • This is a prefect pillow for traveling in a car! (Once you try it you'll be fighting for a turn with  it!)Just pop it across your shoulder and lean against the window, and bam! You are snoozing!

This pillow can be found in lots of places. When I first bought it I got it at a Target store, when I went to replace it I found it on Walmart.com and had it shipped to my local store for pick up.
Here is the link to where I've purchased it:



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