Waffle Cone Cornucopias

Perfect to get your kids to help you, these fun cornucopias make great treat hand outs for school, sunday school, and also to use as place card holders at your holiday table.

Heres how:


Waffle Cones
2 oz. square of white almond bark (candy coating)
Fall candy sprinkles. (The little tiny beads work best)
Fall candies for filling cones such as Runts, Candy corns, or Fall M & M's.


Melt a 2 oz square of candy coating per package directions. (that means you just break off one of those little squares and use it).
Dip open end of waffle cones into white chocolate,just to coat the rim.
Immediately roll in candy sprinkles.
Set on waxed paper till chocolate is set.
To make into place cards, use a bit of almost set chocolate as glue (or royal frosting or even hot glue, but hot glue is not edible) to glue a name card onto the top of the waffle cone.
Fill with candies.

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