Mailing Cookies:

 Shipping Cookies can be a challenge. How to keep them fresh and not turning into a pile of cookie crumbs before getting to the recipient? There are several methods, but here is one of m favorites.

Turning a potato chip canister into a cookie canister.

Here's how I do it:

Baking the cookies: I have found that about 1 heaping Tablespoon of cookie dough will make the perfect sized cookies to fit into the containers.

Covering the container: I cover the contanier in paper. I used brown craft paper and literally just tucked the top edge down into the can rather than trying to cut it perfectly at the top.
Dress up the can. I used cute holiday packaging tape to keep it simple at the top and bottom,
Label I just wrote directly on the kraft paper with a permanent marker.

Packaging the cookies.
I  usually wrap them in sets of two into plastic wrap. This helps keep them even more air tight and fresh during shipping.
Carefully place the wrapped cookies into container.  I got 16 chocolate chip cookies into mine.
Seal the top of the canister with the lid. (Secure down with tape if you feel you need to).

Wrap canister in a layer of bubble wrap before placing into the care package.

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