Emergency Preparedness: Getting Started

I am starting a new monthly feature this year, where i share some preparedness tips. Preparedness means different things to different people. I joke all the time about preparing for the zombie apocolypse but let me share what areas I am going to work on..

Once a month I will share information, websites, planners, and ideas that really smart people have put together and share them with you on subjects such as 72 hour bug out kits, food storage for long term survival, power outages, water storage, growing and preserving foods, etc.

Since we are in January, lets just start at the beginning! First things first where are you in your preparedness? Whether you are not even sure where your flashlights are and if they work to "ready to evacuate on a moments notice" prepper, it is crucial to evaluate your readiness on a regular basis. Lets start now!

Jan's real life: A few years back we knew we were LONG overdue from updating our 72 hour "bug out" kits. These are used if you need to leave your home quickly in the event of a disaster. At this time our children were all teenagers. Lets just say I could safely throw out the long expired cans of baby formula I had stored in the kits! (Lets not even talk about the size of the clothing we had in there!) So.... do what I say not what I do! Evaluate and Update every year!

This month I am sharing two resources to get you started with figuring out where you are at in preparedness and what you need to do to get started.

1. Ready, Set, Prepare put together by the state of Utah is a great place to start. It is a family oriented, printable, downloadable handout, and has everything you need to get started!

2. Fema's Are you ready booklet is a comprehensive 204 page document that you certainly will find a large amount of information if you want to dive in to the deep end!

Jan's Tip: Grab a 3 ring binder and some divider pages. You'll find it handy as you plan this year.

Will you join me? Lets get started!

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