Time/Money Saving Tip AFTER Shopping At Warehouse Clubs

 Anyone else completely exhausted by the time you go to the local warehouse club to do your big bulk shopping, come home from walking all over tarnation, lug all the food inside the house (probably by yourself because you got home before the kids did).

The only thing you want to do is get it put away as quickly as possible. So, you throw those large bags of food straight into your freezer. Phew... your done!

BUT when it come time to needing to pull the food out, your spend forever trying to thaw out just what you need, or chisel it out of the frozen block of food. Sometimes you don't even try and eventually just toss out food.

Seriously my tip is to take 10 minutes and break down the large bulk boxes and bags of food into manageable sizes.
Using freezer bags and containers, just do it. Label it and then when you need to pull out just a few chicken breasts, you don't have to fight with the entire "flock" of chickens in there to get what you need.
In the picture above I have :
1 large box of hot dogs
2 large bags of chicken breasts
1 large bag of pepperoni
2 large bags of cheese (Mozarella for our weekly pizza nights and Cheddar)
Those bags and boxes are all food that I only need a little bit of each time I want it. By taking 10 minutes to bag it up I save space in my freezer, and time in my cooking.
Here is how all that food broke down in smaller portions.

Now, who's going to unload the REST of my groceries?

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