Busy Bags: Pipe Cleaner Ideas

I put these two fun busy bags together to send off to my 2 year old grand daughter for Valentines Day. I love that they were inexpensive to make, yet will keep her busy during times her mom wants her to play quietly.

Pipe Cleaner Color Sort

small container with lid. (I used a short pringles can)
white reinforcements (from an office supply store)
Hole Punch
Optional: Decorative paper to cover the container


Clean and dry container.
Cover the outside with decorative paper as desired.
Select 5 or 6 different colors of pipe cleaners to use.
Color one reinforcement circle with the matching pipe cleaner color.
Place reinforcments around lid of container.
Use a hole punch to punch hole through the plastic lid in the center openingof the reinforcement.
Cut pipe cleaners into 2 inch pieces (or any length you want)
Place pipe cleaner pieces in container to store.
Place container in a gallon size or quart sized storage bag if desired.

Child  sorts and fills container by matching the colors.

Magnetic Pipe Cleaner Bottles

Clear plastic bottle with a cap to close it.
Pipe cleaners cut into 1 and 2 inch pieces (You can use paper clips too)
Hot glue (if you want to seal the cap onto the bottle)

Take off any labels from bottle.
Remove any glue residue from label with goo gone or soap and water.
Clean and dry inside of bottle.
Fill bottle with pipe cleaner pieces.
Seal cap onto bottle with a little hot glue if desired.
Place bottle into gallon sized storage bag, along with the magnet.

Child uses magnet to make the pipe cleaner pieces move arouind.

Jans Tip: I bought a pack of 6 magnet wands from amazon for around $5.oo. I am sending the rest of the pack to my preschool teaching daughter to use in her class. 

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