Emergency Preparedness: Lighting and Heat

For this months Emergency Preparedness post, lets talk about keeping you and your family warm and  "out of the dark", by preparing your alternative lighting and heating in case of power outages.

Here on the east coast the main source of heat is an electric fuel pump. There are just not a lot of natural gas lines around here for some reason, so when the power goes out you lose lighting, heating, cooking and warm water too!

It is vital to have some resources gathered together for both short term outages and long term outages. I can tell you with hurricane season out here in Virginia we have been without power for several weeks before.. in August. It was awful.

Lighting such as flashlights, lots of batteries on hand, propane lanterns, oil lamps with extra wicks and lamp oil,, and emergency candles are all options. (I have all of them in some form or other.)

Short term and long term heating:  Propane heater, oil heater, as well as tarps and duck tape for sealing off rooms to conserve heat.

these are just the tip of the iceburg on ideas!

I am sharing with you Preparedness Mama's Lighting and Fuel Plan. She does a fantastic job of sharing her knowledge with us and you should follow her posts!

Lighting and Fuel Plan is a great, comprehensive list of things to gather for your family.

How do you stay warm in winter?

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