How to Wrap Meats for Freezing

Freezer Paper

Properly wrapping meats before freezing them will keep them from getting freezer burn, and keep you from pouring money down the drain.

I know, I know.. we've all tossed those Styrofoam trays of meat wrapped in flimsy plastic wrap straight into our freezer, so I have I. But if you take just an extra moment before doing that and wrap it properly you won't be wasting your money.

Let me talk you through some steps of wrapping your meats to keep them safe and secure in your freezer..

1) You need freezer paper. The kind with a shiny side and paper side. The shiny side has a coating that will keep the juices from your meat from soaking through.

Freezer paper can be found in the same aisle as aluminum foil. (Grab a roll of freezer tape too, although masking tape will work).

2) Cut a piece of freezer paper large enough to wrap your meat in. Place on counter shiny side up.
3) Place meat in center of the shiny side of the freezer paper square.
4) Pull up the  long edges so they meet together.
5) Roll the edges down till it is snug over the meat.
6) Fold other ends like you would a present, and pull up ends to the back of the wrapped meat.
7) Secure ends with tape.8) Label front of package with contents and date with a permanent marker

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