Paper Cookie Sleeves

Easy and quick custom made wrappers for giving giant cookies out as gifts. 
One of my easiest and favorite ways to send my love!
This was a post I originally did back in 2011. It was time to update it and repost it!
Perfect for the upcoming Valentines holiday.

cookie sleeves

These Cute Cookie sleeves are a fun way to give a gift for Valentines, birthdays and more. Perfect for selling at a bake sale too!

I mean who doesn't love getting a giant soft, chocolate chip cookie in it's own decorative wrapper?

Whether you keep them simple like me:

or jazz them up like these ideas

                                              Photo from:

I promise the receiver will love them!

The simplest gifts are most times the most thoughtful! (Teacher gift, Thank you "note", or party favor.. the possibilities are endless!)

Heres' How:
 Cookie Sleeve Supplies:
Paper CD Sleeves (found in any office /computer supply store)
Optional: wax paper, foil or parchment paper
a sticker to seal back flap or tape.

But: How do you make the cookies the correct size?

  • Use a 1/4 cup of your favorite cookie dough for each cookie.
  • Space the cookies about three inches apart.
  • If it's a particularly thick cookie dough you may want to gently flatten the cookie just a bit to help it spread out rather than get too thick to fit into the sleeve. (not too much though or it'll spread out too much!)  
  • Bake for about 21 minutes on a non stick cookie pan or 15-17 min. on a regular one.

If you slide the cookie directly into the sleeve, the oils from the cookies will leave little oil splotches on the paper sleeve.

I recommend slipping a piece of foil, parchment, or wax paper (cereal bag liners  cut down would be perfect for this!) and letting the bottom of the cookie sit on the liner instead of the paper sleeve. OR wrap the whole cookie in saran wrap before putting into the sleeve.

Here are some more examples from Kiddley.com and eighteen25.blogspot.com

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