Quick and Easy Homemade Meatballs

I am like many of you and occasionally grab one of those big bags of meatballs from the wholesale club. They are great for parties and for quick meals, but I have a trick for you to get you homemade meatballs quick and easy.(The bonus to this is you know and can pronounce all the ingredients!)

Lets go back just a moment though. Many of my readers know I am a big fan of having meat in the freezer that is ready to go for shortcuts for dinner. I have many Master Mixes for prepping meats for shortcuts. One of those is my Master Hamburger Mix I have 2 versions, one for precooking for tacos, spaghetti and the like and the other is this one for uncooked hamburger for patties, meatloaf etc.
I try to always have a meatloaf or two pre-made and ready to bake in the freezer. This will be the secret short cut for your meatballs.

Ok, so back to making meatballs. these are perfect when you want them in spaghetti, or  meatball subs, etc.

There are 2 secret shortcuts to this tip. You already know #1) your pre-made meatloaf (or you can use your hamburger patties!)

and #2 is.... a cookie scoop!

Grab a skillet,
Grab a thawed meatloaf mix
Grab your cookie scoop.
and lets get cooking!

Over medium heat, turning meatballs every few minutes to brown evenly on all sides. Cook through and drain drippings. Ready to serve or mix into your dinner.
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