Snowcast: My Secret Tool For Getting Through Winter

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of SnowCast for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.
I’d like to introduce you to Snowcast app for your iphone.  Besides my full time job at a medical office, I also deliver an early morning newspaper route. I must deliver every day, no matter the weather.


I live on the east coast and have had to plan to deliver papers during hurricanes, snow storms, pouring rain, you name it, I’ve delivered in the middle of it. 2 weeks ago we were hit with over 20 inches of snow. We had to be out delivering the papers in the middle of the blizzard. Not even snow plows were out yet. Needless to say it was pretty rough.

Part of the problem with that storm was, it was supposed to change from snow to freezing rain/ice that would freeze on contact at some point creating a sheet of ice on top of the snow.  I really needed to know when that change over to ice was going to happen.


In comes my handy Snowcast app!

Download the app

Not only can I get immediate weather information for my area now (that covers the next 6 hours), but I also can preplan my delivery times because they give you extended weather information over a 48 hour period. Even better they do that in 6 hour increments. This is crucial to delivery people and drivers like me who need a window of time to peak into, and see what we will be up against.

Here are some of my other favorite features:

  • It is easy to understand! (I can easily know how much snow is coming for my location )
  • It is easy to install. There is no complicated set-up involved! (I don’t need my kids to help me!)
  • It has official NOAA Winter weather warnings and advisories
  • It has fast loading, accurate radar. (No waiting and waiting on the maps to load!)
  • Just so easy to use! It is designed with a beautiful, simple interface that anyone can use!
  • Receive notifications. It will alert me to how much snow, or if the snow totals are changing, or in my case.. changing to ice.


Whether you have a job, like me, that requires you to go out into the snow, or you need to figure out if it is bad enough your kids will be out of school or your day care closed, this app is for you.

I have an elderly loved one that has dementia. Another reason I NEED this app is to help me plan for making sure they have plenty of food, blankets, aren’t planning on trying to shovel snow themselves, etc. So this app is also perfect to help me care for my loved ones that shouldn’t be out in it.

I can not say enough about this app, and how much I rely on it, you should too!

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