Buying "Magic" Eraser Sponges For Just Pennies

Have you seen the cost of those Eraser Cleaning Sponges?  Wowzer!

Although we did a complete redo of our bathroom this year, before we put in our new tub/shower, the old one was probably original to the house and was some weird plastic material. I scrubbed, sprayed, scrubbed.. I tried EVERYTHING to get that tub to just look "cleaner" more shiny, less...dingy and old and the only thing that worked was eraser sponges.

BUT... I am cheap.

I did some research and found out that eraser sponges are melamine foam. Melamine foam is used in sound proofing.

Perfect! Now to just run out and buy the foam. WRONG. you can't just seem to go and buy it at a store anywhere.

So on to Amazon I go.

You can buy the sponges in bulk and have them shipped to your home with free shipping.

I usually by it in a package of 100 and pay around $10. so that means they are only 10 cents a piece!

Just type in Melamine Sponge or even magic eraser sponge in the search bar for Amazon and get started saving and cleaning for CHEAP!
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