Product Review: Fresh Step® with the Power of Febreze™

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Fresh Step at Target for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.
It’s not often I get pretty excited over cat litter. But when I found out that Fresh Step and Febreze had partnered up for a brand new product, I knew I had to give it a try!

Why I needed/wanted to try NEW Fresh Step® with the Power of Febreze™

We have 2 cats, George and Ty-Ty. George is the black one and is a little older and has arthritis. He is super sweet and children think he is a dragon. Ty-Ty the shorter, striped, fat one is a bit shy around stangers and loves to bird and people watch at our front window every day.

 I have a small house, and the odor of the cat litter boxes can take over the entire house it seems.

I suffer from Migraines which are triggered by scents and odors, so the combination of these two trusted brands coming together was important for me to give it a try and see if it could help reduce some of the headaches I get due to the cat litter odors.

Shopping Experience at Target:

I headed straight over to Target to go get it. And guess what? I had to wait in line to have my turn to check it out!

Here’s  a photo of what the display looked like when I finally got my turn to select my cat litter. Someone had been reading the back of  one of the packages and the shelves were emptying. Not from neglect from the store, believe me, the store shelves were all very neat and tidy. It’s just that I saw at least 3 other customers with this new Fresh Step® with the power of Febreze™ in their carts walking around Target!

Let me introduce you to the  NEW Fresh Step® with the Power of Febreze™.   

So I was pretty excited to find out that not only is this a brand new product, but that it would combine the strength of Fresh Step® and their ClumpLock Odor Technology with the power of Febreze™ to actually eliminate odors, not just mask them with a scent.  They have multiple types to choose from to suit your needs, I use the multi-cat formula.

Here’s what I’ve found:

  • Many products claim to eliminate odors, but only add scents into their products that end up mixing in with the cat box odors and create a horrible smell that just triggers another migraine for me. So my suspicions were high before trying this product, but can honestly say, the odors are GONE! And my migraines that are scent/odor triggered? Well, they are gone too! There is just not a thank you big enough for that.
  • I have found it to truly eliminate both “#1” and "#2” type odors (as my grandbabies would say).
  • I was surprised to discover how little dust there was! It is definitely a much lower dust litter versus previous formulas. This means less mess, less sweeping, less tracking it all over the house by little paws.

Money Saving Offer:

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