Friday Feature: Lock Laces

Reminder : I do NOT get paid to endorse this product! This review is based solely on my own personal use of and love for this product. If I am getting paid to review something, I will ALWAYS tell you!

Lock Laces are one of my favorite things! Designed for runners, I find them handy for so many other people!  Lock laces need a tiny bit of set up but once you lock them in they hold your shoe laces snuggly in place, Turn any lace up shoes into slip on shoes!

Some of the people that may benefit from Lock Laces:
Runners / work out shoes
Hiking Shoes
work shoes where you need to avoid laces near machinery (farm equipment etc)
People who have trouble bending down to tie shoes
People who have coordination issues and have trouble tying shoe laces
Parents with small children. No more constant shoe lace tying. No more tripping over laces.

It only takes me about 5 minutes to install the lock laces onto the shoes and they are ready to go. You can tighten/ readjust them anytime you need to, but my husband says he rarely needs to. They hold tight really well! He loves them. They come in a choice of several colors and you cut the laces to fit the size you need, so they work for well for small to large shoe sizes.

If you have trouble tying shoes, or just don't want to... these lock laces are for you!

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