Friday's Feature: Jansport BackPacks.. Why I am a loyal fan

Favorite Feature is where I share products that I love and make my life easier! Today I am sharing my love for Jansport backpacks.

 I am not getting paid by Jansport to tell you this, I happen to really love them! But, because I do love them,  I am running a sale for an affiliate today that I will get a small portion of every sale. I will ALWAYS tell you when I am endorsing a product and money is involved!!!
Review of Jansport Backpacks
photo credit; Jansport

As you head to do your back to school shopping, you may want to consider which backpack to buy. Do you go with the cute one, that won't hold up till the end of the year, or do you choose quality that can actually carry you through not only 1 year but EVERY year?

All 3 of my children used them all through school and continue to use them in college, I stand by their quality and so does Jansport!   They have a LIFETIME Warranty! Yes they do!
Here's what they say from their site (that I linked for you by clicking on the Lifetime Warranty words):
"If your pack ever breaks down, simply return it to our warranty center. We'll fix it or if we can't we'll replace it or refund it."
Because of this Warranty, and the fact that I need my money to stretch as far as possible, I did not want to buy backpacks over and over again. So when I learned of the reputation for quality that Jansport has and the lifetime warranty, I knew it was worth my initial purchase to invest in them. I bought my children Jansport backpacks for Kindergarten... they are still using them in College. The very same ones!!!!   They have held up through endless disasters, and wear and tear that only kids can come up with, dragged them to summer camps, hiking and camping trips, and more.

Using That Warranty:
2 years ago, my daughter, called from college. The strap on one side, the clip had broken that held the 2 pieces together, and the strap needed to resewn around a new clip. So we downloaded the warranty form from the website, shoved the pack and form into a padded envelope and mailed it off. Within 2 weeks she got her backpack returned good as new in the mail. No hassle, no questions asked.

My one time approximate $20 purchase more than 20 years ago for each child was well worth it! I know it may seem like alot of one pack initially, but think about it... it's the ONLY one you'll need to buy them!


$26.50 + free shipping right to your home!

Link to Shop:  http://prch.it/aDgMK
 Consider looking into a jansport backpack for yourself, and enjoy having it shipped right to your door!

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