Walmart Online Grocery Service: My review and $10 off

I just tried Walmarts online grocery service and can I tell you how much I love it and how convenient it is?  If you have a Walmart that offers online grocery service, you should really consider trying it out.
 I am not getting paid to  review this. I tried their service based on a friends recomendation and used her referral link myself, and now I am sharing mine with you!

The link below will save you $10 off your first order! (A referral by Tip Garden)

Review of Walmart Online Grocery Service

 Once you order, you arrange a pick up time, and then they just simply bring the groceries right to your car. That's it. No getting out of your nice air conditioned or heated car, no hassle getting your children out of their car seats, or in my case, if my arthritis is really flaring up, no endless walking around the whole store shopping. Just pull up, pop the trunk, let them load everything for you, and then drive home.
Jan's Experience:  
Customer Service: Ms. Sharon at my local store, was so nice! She wouldn't let me lift a finger to help load my bags! She said it was my "day off of shopping". She opened my eggs for me, at my car and double checked them before loading them in my car. All my fragile items such as my bread, had red tags on the handles so they were easy to identify and were careful placed in my car, separate from the other bags, to ensure "unsquishability".
Items not as ordered: Lets talk about my bacon. I ordered a small package of Wrights brand thick sliced bacon. They didn't have the package that I ordered, so Ms. Sharon, who was concerned I might be needing it for breakfast that morning, upsized me to the double sized package at no cost to me! She was so kind, and courteous, and concerned over my order. I felt like I had met a new friend!(and  I think I have!).
She made sure we felt taken care of , and I can assure you I WILL be making this a regular way of grocery shopping. They were quick, accurate, kind, and conscience of pleasing me and concerned about my filling my needs.
Here's how it works:
To Order:

  • After creating or signing in to your Walmart account. 
  • You immediately can start shopping and filling your grocery cart
  • Once you are done shopping you arrange for a pick up date and time. 
  • Then you pay for your groceries and receive your order #.

To Pick up:
  • 30 Minutes Prior to the prearranged pick up time, Walmart should call you with a reminder.
  • You can expedite the delivery to your car, by calling them 10 minutes prior to your arrival that you are on your way.
  • Pull into one of the designated parking spots, and call the phone number on the sign posted.
  • They will bring the groceries to your car.

Want to get started?
The link below will save you $10 off your first order! (A referral by Tip Garden)


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  2. That is neat that your local Wal-Mart offers online grocery pick-up. My local Wal-Mart does not as of now, but I have seen one about 75 miles away that had signs for "pick-up". That would be very convenient for people after work or even when you're running errands and don't want to spend an hour in Wal-Mart, because really, can anyone not spend an hour in there! Thanks for linking up to the Country Fair Blog Party ;)

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