Bucks Steak & Burger Seasoning

Buck's Steak & Burger Seasoning, is a perfect, all purpose seasoning for all your beef, such as steaks, burgers, tri-tip roasts and more.
Steak and Burger Seasoning Recipe

If you've been with me from the beginning of this journey, you'll remember that this blog started as a private one to post and document family recipes for my children and other family members. Also, believe it or not, I was (and still am) a bit shy about other people reading and critiquing my work, so I kept it as a private blog. But my children kept encouraging me to "go public" and share it with everyone. So, in 2011 I bravely made it public and here we are!  But, my mission to post family recipes is still there and today is one of those days.

My very sweet and very loved father in law has Alzheimer's. What a terrible, awful disease. For many years, he would on special occasions or a few times a year go to a special butcher and bring home a fresh trimmed HUGE tri tip roast. He would mix up his secret seasoning mix and grill that roast to perfection and it would feed all of us that wandered home for a few meals! 

I don't know what became more desired, that tri tip roast or his secret seasoning mix on all our burgers, beef kabobs, and cheese steak sandwiches! 

Fast forward 25 years. We have all moved around the country, raised our own children and are grandparents ourselves now. Those tri tip meals long gone, and with it many family members had forgotten the secret seasoning mix.  I was almost 100% sure of the recipe, and knew I better get to documenting this recipe and story before it became too late to verify it's accuracy. 

I called my father in law and asked him for the recipe. He couldn't remember it. It was a heart breaking moment for both of us. I had waited too long. But my mother in law called me back and confirmed the recipe. I did have it correct all along. 

So, my heart lesson for the day, is that timeless one. Don't wait till it's too late to document your families memories, stories, and recipes. Do it. Do it now. Do it this year. Do it as this years holiday gift for everyone and hand write your recipes, type up your history, your memories, those important names and dates. Share the gift of the past.. with your future. Only you can give this gift! Don't let this be the one gift you never gave.

So, in honor of one of the greatest men I've ever know and loved.. my father in law, "Buck".
here is his  Steak & Burger Seasoning:

Buck's Steak & Burger Seasoning:

Makes 1/2 cup 

2 Tablespoons + 2 teaspoons of each:

Ground Pepper
Garlic Powder

Mix together and store in airtight container.

To use: Sprinkle or rub generously in desired amounts on any beef prior to cooking.

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