Vegetables to Buy Frozen vs. Fresh

I love fresh produce! I love fresh produce in season! I also love to buy locally. But I also love to save time and energy. 

Beyond the standard bags of frozen broccoli, corn, cauliflower, etc, I try to keep a wide variety of other frozen vegetables on hand as well. and for a variety of reasons.
Let me share a few of my reasons and my favorite vegetables:


Dicing onions and or peppers just seems to be a daily thing in my house. To speed the process along I just keep a bag of chopped onions and peppers on hand. You can buy just onions without the peppers, too, and I just love the convience. Let someone else's eyes water from chopping!
Buying Frozen vs. Fresh Vegetables


I love Butternut squash, but I hate to peel and cut them up. It can be quite a chore! So I LOVE to keep bags of already peeled and chopped squash on hand in the freezer! One of my very favorite things to grab and cook up! 


Having some zucchini, butter beans, sugar snap peas, or other vegetables on hand any time of year can only happen if you keep some in your freezer. Also if you want a mixture of vegetables premade for quick stir-fries to make dinner. 
I love keeping zucchini on hand for throwing into soups or stir fries any time of year:

 What are some of your favorite Vegetables to keep on hand?


  1. Great reasons to buy frozen veggies - I couldn't agree more. Also, with frozen vegetables you know that they were flash frozen at ideal times so you can get that taste of "fresh" veggies all year long. We always have broccoli, cauliflower, corn and peas in our freezer. I'm going to have to look for zucchini now though!

    1. Yes, there nutritional value is at it's peak!

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  3. I always like fresh vegetables and even go to hassle of preparing them. Does the frozen vegetables taste like fresh even when they are froze? My students from www.trustessays.com/buy-essays-online are currently studying the different ways to store vegetables.

    1. If they were frozen right at the time of harvest/ picking then they come very close to tasting fresh, or at least as close as you can get (without them being fresh!). So the key is to freeze within a day of picking! (A trick I was taught by a corn farmer, years ago).


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