5 Last Minute DIY Gift Ideas People will Love!

I'm all about gifts that you can make yourself, but are easy on the wallet, quick to pull together, AND welcomed by neighbors, coworkers, and the like!

 I love to share ideas from some of my favorite bloggers around! So here are a few great ideas that I know you can pull off yourself and have your gifts be "wowed" over!

1).  Caramel Crispix Mix
by Val @  Corn, Beans, Pigs & Kids
This yummy mix is so addicting, I DARE you not to nibble your way through it before you hand out your treat bags!  This recipe is easy to change up the candies and other "add-ins" to suit your own tastes and holidays. Who wouldn't love to take home a celophane treat bag filled with this festive treat?
Last minute gift ideas

2. Soothing Bath Salts
by Alba Rosa
This post shares 4 easy to make bath salts, from Soothing Lavender, to Chamomile and more. I love that she shares what different salts do for your skin, and why you might want to choose different ones, and that all the recipes are easy to make. I think the Lavender may be the one I make first, but be prepared to spend quite a bit of time on her site on how to make your own lotions, soaps and more!

3. Caramel Apple in a Jar
by  Ellen @ Family Around the Table
Whether you need gifts for coworkers, teachers, or youth group, or  other, when you want a fun gift to give to several people, what could be more fun than make your own caramel apple kits? Whether you make then in cute jars or assemble then in clear cellophane treat bags, this is easy to do and will be well received!
4.) Spicy Bacon Pimento Cheese
by Susannah @  Feast + West 
If your not from the south you may not be totally familiar with Pimento Cheese. It is a sacred thing down here! If you are not sure let me summarize: Cheddar cheeses, a bit of mayonnaise, and pimentos (a sweet + tangy pepper, not hot). With Susannah's  tweaks and add -ins. this recipe is divine and perfect on crackers, and as a spread on bread. If you don't want the mess of making cheeseballs (I just shared my dad's recipe), THIS is your go to neighbor gift. Send it over with a box of nice crackers. I promise you they'll ask for the recipe!  Whether you share it or not is up to you!

5. Salted Caramel + Chocolate Pretzel Bark
by Jenny @ Honey and Birch
What is better than  an caramel, pretzels and chocolate? This Bark is easy to make, and break up into pieces and put into multiple treat bags or plates and deliver in batches to several people. (Unless you and your family keeps eating it!)

Bonus Idea:

6) Cranberry Honey Butter
Taste of Home

This recipe is not from a blogger friend, but what could be easier, yummier, and more festive than a jar of this butter with a basket of biscuits, crescents, or a loaf of bread?

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