10 Smoothie Recipes to Get You Going

Ok, I don't know about you, but I am pretty much over all the sweets, the treats, the snacking and the uggh.. just feeling not myself!

It's time to put the holiday goodness behind us and look at some fresh ideas to get back to feeling a bit better!  I love smoothies as I dash out the door in the early mornings, as I struggle to eat. So this is a way I can squeeze in some protein, veggies, dairy, fruit all wrapped into one portable on the go meal!

I need some new inspiration so went looking for some fresh ideas. Here's what I found. Come try them with me! I think we'll be feeling peppy in no time!

1. Apple Pie Smoothie
by FeedingBig.com
2. Banana-Pineapple Smoothie
by 1mhealthtips.com
3. Weight loss Smoothie
by superskinnyme.com
4. Peanutbutter Banana Smoothie
by wholefully.com
5. Raspberry Orange Immunity Smoothie
by youbeauty.com
6. Low Carb Smoothie
by superskinnyme.com
7. Green Smoothie
by wholefully.com
8. Sunburst Smoothie: 
by floridacitrus.org

9. Cranberrry Smoothie
by thefrugalpantry.com

is not a smoothie recipe at all! But if you are determined to drink more water, but hate the taste of plain water, and are weird about lemon water, here's one to try:

10. Detox Apple Cinnamon Water
by mom2mycrazy2

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