Broken China Mosaic Tile Terra Cotta Pot

Knowing what to do with a cherished piece of china that has broken can be hard to do.  I had a piece of my grandmothers china, a small plate that had been broken and was beyond repair, yet I could not part with it.

Mosaic Tile Terra Cotta Pots from Broken China

What to do. I just held onto the pieces for years. Then I decided to turn those pieces into a gift of the heart for my daughter. A small terra cotta pot she could use in her apartment and enjoy, but also feel the legacy of all the love that comes from the generations of great grandmothers that have come before her to remind her every time she looks at it that she comes from great women, strong women, kind women, loving women, funny women, "did-not-give-up" women, faithful women. I want it to remind her that she is a link in a chain of love that extends beyond where she can see from what came before, and what is yet to come, and to keep living well, keep loving well.
I had enough small pieces left over to scrape together 2 pots so I made one for my sister as well, but did mix in other pieces of china into one of the pots.
Mosaic Tile Terra Cotta Pots Made from Broken China

All, that.. in one little pot.  Let's see if I can do it. No pressure, right?

So.. the light pink china pieces in the photo are my grandmothers china. I added a few pieces of my own to it as well.

How I did it:
  1. I started out by spreading Tile Mastic onto the back of the broken pieces with a spackling knife and pressed them onto the pot. I arranged them as I went, leaving a small gap in between each piece (where I will spread tile grout later to fill in the gap). 
  2. Just use your imagination, and use a small hammer if necessary to chip off corners to make pieces fit or round out any ridges that stand up off the pot.
  3. The larger the piece the harder it is to place on a curved pot, so you may have to break a larger piece even smaller if it doesn't lay flat on the curved pot.
  4. Keep using mastic and placing all china pieces till pot is covered.
  5. Let dry 24 hours.
  6. Next day, using tile grout and damp sponge w bowl of water. Fill in gaps between china pieces with tile grout, spread till grout is even with tops of china 'tiles", wiping off china pieces as you go.
  7. Let dry 24 hours.
  8. Buff china pieces clean after grout is completely dry.

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