Easter Leftover Makeover Ideas: Celebrate 365 Blog Party

Easter Dinner has come and gone, the dishes are done.. and now I have fridge full of leftovers! I know I certainly need some inspiration and new ideas on how to re-purpose all that ham, potatoes, and more! So it's time to call in my friends!

We are hosting a Easter Leftover Makeover Blog Party and calling in all our blogger friends to share any all recipe ideas that re-purposes their holiday leftovers!
Val from Corn Bean Pigs and Kids , Nicole from A Kansas Farm Mom,  and I are hosting today's party!

Now onto the party!
Ham, Turkey, Lamb?.. Please share what you do with your leftovers!

Potatoes, Sweet potatoes, Stuffing, corn,  cranberries, fruit salads, breads?.. what do you do with all those leftover side dishes? Please share new ways to re-purpose them. We need all the help we can get!
Easter Leftover Ideas

Do you make great Smoothies, Hot pocket sandwiches? casseroles or stir fry's? Share away the sky is the limit as long as it fits the theme of re-purposing Holiday leftovers!

Here is one of mine: Years ago, my husband & I rescued an antique meat grinder from the trash at my In laws house that looks like this one:

we use it to grind up left over ham to use for making ham salad sandwiches and also I use the ground up ham to sprinkle on pizza's, as well as stir into scrambled eggs, mix into quiche, as well as my ham devils.. Deviled eggs, you'll see in the link up below. There are so many ways to use up little bits of cooked ground ham! It's my favorite use of ham left overs.. but there are so many more!

Bloggers: feel free to link up as many as you'd like, If you could share this post on your social media pages, this week, I'd be most appreciative, let your readers know where they can find you!

Readers: Come see what else we have to add to your menu planner this week


  1. Thank you for the invitation to the party! Nettie

    1. I'm so glad you stopped by! PLease come again! we're doing a "National Burger Day " party over Memorial weekend, look for an email!

  2. Hey Jan,

    I've been making kale smoothies and my kale is just about done for the season. I need to plant lots in the fall.

    This recipe is delicious! Hope you enjoy it.

    Belated Happy Easter.


    1. I can't wait to try it, I've run out of morning smoothie ideas, seriously! perfect timing, LInda!

  3. Well, it took me to long to post my Classic Deviled Eggs. I missed the party! Anyway, check them out if you're a deviled egg fan!

    1. I edited the link up and added you in! I can't have a link up with out my DelightfulRepast.com recipe to drool over! It's not the same without you Jean.. no way! Glad you stopped in! Jan


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