Rain Gutter Book Shelves

My Son and Daughter in law made the cutest bookshelf for their toddlers that I wanted to share with you! It is made out of rain gutters! They have it installed just a few feet off the ground at toddler height and turned a corner of their living room into a "reading nook".  I think it turned out so cozy, I WANT to go over there to read too!

Children's Book Shelf Ideas

They love them because the books face OUT for them to see the covers, so they go over their often to pick up their favorites. The parents rotate the selection of books in and out as well to introduce new books and keep things from getting "stale".
With a comfy soft "chair" full of stuffed friends to read to, my grand daughter is always curled up and "reading" the pages of books to her baby brother or any stuffed animal that will listen!

They chose to make a small one, since they are in an apartment. (They are related to the owner so had permission to install it ) but you can make these as long as you want since you are using rain gutters.
You'll need a few other items, like end caps and some brackets to do the job, and just a few common tools! This is an easy weekend project, and your kids can have a book/ storage spot anywhere you want to put it! (Beside a bed maybe?)

I think it turned out fantastic and every time I Skype with them, one of them seems to be over in the reading corner either reading, or using flash cards games, etc. I love how they started them so young in having a quiet corner to go to for snuggly peaceful reading and quiet time for just letting your mind ponder whatever 2 and 3 year olds think deeply about! :)

I asked them for the detailed directions and they sent me the link to the original post.
So it seems best to send you to the source!
If you want to make these too, head on over to  RaisingOlives.com, for all the details on how to make your own rain gutter book shelves!
Let us know how they turn out!


  1. These is one of the simple home improvement ideas that makes a huge difference! Made one a few years back beside my favorite couch.


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