Growing Sweet Potatoes in a Raised Bed

Do Not be intimidated! You can grow Sweet Potatoes in most areas in a raised garden bed! If you live in a warmer climate then  you probably will do well with sweet potatoes! They love it hot!
Sweet Potaotes
A raised bed in an area with plenty of sun (especially afternoon sun) that also has good drainage will be perfect for sweet potatoes. Just know that they are a "vining" plant so they will just grow and spill over the sides of the garden bed and down on to the ground, so plan on plenty of space for them.
How to Grow Sweet Potatoes

Plant the "slips" as the transplants are called, into the bed so that the leaves are above the soil live and space them Water the plants 1-2 times a week for the first month or so after you plant, or when you notice the top inch of soil is beginning to dry out. Make sure you keep the entire raised bed with water. Once the plants have established after the first month, you can reduce watering, to just enough to make sure they don't dry out during droughts, as Sweet potatoes can take good care of themselves generally, just keep an eye out on the water situation and help them out when needed. The soil should never completely dry out. 
Sweet Potato Plants

A burst of fertilizer in early summer about 6 weeks after planting will pay off! Sprinkle 21-0-0 fertizlier to about several inches from the base of the plants,then water the bed afterwards.
Keep weeds out so they don't choke out the potatoes from rooting well.
Harvest time is late summer to early fall when you see the leaves turning yellow. Carefully turn the soil with a spade fork, and gently remove the potatoes from the soil.
   Sweet Potatoes

Curing the potatoes: They are not ready to eat! They are not sweet yet. Brush off the dirt, set them in a dry, warm spot that will remain at about 80 degrees (a picnic table is good) where they will stay of the rain) for 10 days - 2 weeks. Then store them indoors or in basement at about 60 degrees F. or cooler for up to 6 mo.
Sweet  Potatoes

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