Quick & Easy Fall Dinner Ideas

It's official, School is back in session so it is officially "unofficially" the start of fall! and with that comes the need for quick & easy dinner ideas!

I'm an empty nester now, with College age kids gone for long lengths of time and the suddenly crashing home with loads of laundry and loads of friends! So I'm either cooking for 2 or 200!

My days of juggling work, homework, afterr school sports and other activities with little ones have gone by the way side, but I still find myself exhausted at the end of  long days and needing quick dinner ideas!

So here is a collection of new ideas I've come across and can't wait to try and think you might enjoy too!

All of these ideas come from Houston area bloggers who were affected by Hurricane Harvey. Not only were Homes destroyed, but loss of jobs and income as well. These are wonderful Blogs and I picked just one recipe from each, but was drooling over them all! Please go over to their blogs and check out their recipes! Just by visiting their site, you help put them back on their feet!
A comment or two let's them know they feel loved!

So go on over, grab your menu planner and a pen, and start planning some great easy and quick dinners!:

Pinto Beans and Sausage Quesadillas by Vianney over at Sweet Life!
Photo Credit: Vianney @ Sweet Life

Pepperoni Pizza Monkey Bread For One! by Joanie over at One Dish Kitchen


Photo Credit: Joanie @ One Dish Kitchen

Pizza Sloppy Joes by Brenda at Meal Planning Magic
Photo Credit: Brenda @ Meal  Planning Magic


  1. What a great idea! I can't imagine seeing water overtake my city like that! I'm off to check the all out!

  2. Great post Jan. Can't wait to check out these Houston bloggers!


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