I Spy Ornaments

Christmas Ornament to make


I Spy ornaments are a fun gift to make and give for the holidays! Perfect for family, friends, or for teachers to give out as a little handout, say for a youth group, etc. They also make a fun craft day project for both a women's group or a children's party!
Christmas Ornament Ideas

These are a fun and easy Christmas Ornament to make. Your children can help you  make them for their friends, or classmates.  You can make them a religious theme or a Santa theme, or just any type of theme you want!
Christmas craft ideas

Jans Tip: Wait till after Christmas when the craft stores mark down their christmas items to 50-75% off. You can find all sorts of I Spy items for half the cost. Use the craft stores 40% off coupons that come in many Sunday paper ads to buy the doll pellets throughout the year at nearly half the cost as well!


  • Plastic clear  ball ornaments (found at craft stores)
  • Doll pellets or rice for filler (doll pellets found at craft stores in the doll making section next to the fluffy fiber fill stuff).
  • I SPY items: Confetti Shapes in holiday shapes, holiday buttons, holiday miniature ornaments, beads, etc. (Make sure they fit through the neck of the ornment. 
  • Computer printout tag of the I SPY items for attaching to ornament.
  • Ribbon
  • Hot Glue Gun & Hot Glue Stick (if you wish to secure down the metal cap. Optional).


  1. Remove the metal cap from the ornament.
  2. Put the I Spy items in the ornament.
  3. Pour desired amount of doll pellets or rice into the ornament.
  4. Replace metal cap on ornament. (You can secure with a touch of hot glue if you wish)
  5. Attach tag with list of I Spy contents to metal loop on cap with a ribbon.
  6. Attach a ribbon loop for hanging.

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