Easter Recipes: Celebrate 365 Blog Party

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Easter will be here soon, and families will gather to celebrate, with Easter Dinners, and Parties of all kinds. So Celebrate 365 Blog Party is gathering together a collection of all recipes related to Easter celebrations!

It's time for sweet treats, and savory glazes for hams, delicious spring asparagus recipes, and fresh salads! Anything you bring to your Easter table or parties is welcome!

It wouldn't be Easter at our house with out a classic Watergate Salad! I know, some of you have either a love or hate relationship with it, but it is a love one at our house... preferably with colored marshmallows! I use Sugar Free pistachio pudding ane Sugar Free whipped topping to reduce the sugar for my diabetic husband. He still has to watch how much he eats, but he does get to partake just a little bit!

Got a few leftover plastic eggs that don't stay shut? How about using them and some extra scaps of fabric (or ribbon) and make my cute and "free" Raggedy Easter Eggs? A basket of these in vintage lace or. burlap, or .... would just melt my heart!!! (someone send me a basket!)

What are the must have dishes at your house?
Come join me, along with the other hosts: Val, Nicole and Carlee in sharing  your best ideas!

Feel free to link up your Easter dishes!
Share the link up on your social media pages if you can, is all we ask, and visit a neighbor if you have time!


  1. Jan, my dad could sit down to a meal with 16 different dishes on the table, but if there wasn't bread, it just wasn't a meal!

  2. Thanks for allowing us to share our recipes! Easter is my favorite holiday but I always like to switch up the dishes and serve something new. Loving your Watergate salad. Hope you have a happy Easter!

  3. Thanks for including me in the Easter blog party! All of these recipes look amazing. Can't wait to try some of them!


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