Monthly Meal Planner May 18

May's Monthly Meal Planner is full of wonderful meals that help you fill this celebration filled month with wonderful foods,  from Cinco de Mayo celebrations, to Mothers' Day. 

May is a busy month, and with it we need meals that will help us celebrate as well as just help us feed our family while we are "on the go". So I picked a crock pot meal that you can start in the morning and have it ready to feed your family at night, to a quick but filling Salad, are just a few of the great ideas in this months Meal Planner.

This month is a HUGE month at my house! 2 of my married children are packing up both  their homes together into 1 moving truck and moving across country back "home" to Virginia!. I am so excited! My grandchildren will be within better "spoiling' distance!  My daughter and husband will be moving in with us for a few months so we are making room for the newlyweds!  My son and his family are moving about 2 hours away, but still close enough to be within "hugging" distance. (They've ALL been 2000 miles away. so I am very excited!). I will be needing to brush off my Feed a crowd recipes for sure! These enchiladas and Spanish rice dishes this month are a great one to start with!

Now if I could just get the youngest to finish school, find his special someone, and manage to move here too.. 

Let's get planning and cooking!

Chicken Enchiladas to Feed a Crowd  are perfect for your Cinco de Mayo celebration. 3  Whether it's just for your family or your taking it to a larger potluck meal at work, or other celebration. These freeze well, so make ahead  or divide the dish into smaller portions for several smaller meals.


Cheesy Spanish Rice not only feeds a crowd, it is too die for! It's not your average spanish rice at all! It's got 3 kinds of cheese, including queso fresco, creamy sour cream, green chiles, and more! Your guests will be begging for the recipe!

Spanish Rice

Lemon Pepper Pasta is a special dish perfect for Mothers Day or to take to a brunch. 
Versatile with the vegetables, broccoli or asparagus is a perfect choice also. Rich with real butter, cream, and garlic, along with amazing seasonings, your family will feel your love when you serve this up. 

Lemon Pepper Pasta

Busy days and nights deserve a meal that you can just serve up and have your family happy to eat.
This meal starts with frozen ravioli, so you can get your meal started quick in the morning and have dinner ready in the p.m.!

crock pot lasagna

Spring means Salad Season! Well I eat this Cobb Salad year round really. It's a filling full meal all by itself. I make it for our whole entire family. With Chicken, bacon, eggs, cheese, tomatoes, along with crisp fresh salad greens,  we dive right in and have some cheesy bread on the side.
Sometimes I use rotisserie chicken, or I 'll grill some extra chicken breasts, I even use crispy chicken tenders baked up too in the salad, what ever I've got on hand at the time.

Cobb Salad

Can't get through May without a Honey Bun Cake! If you aren't familiar, you really need to make this cake! It tastes like a honey bun, with swirls of cinnamon & brown sugar through out the cake and topped with a wonderful glaze. It's very addicting. It looks innocent, but it is not. It just keeps you coming back nibbling and nibbling for more!

Honey Bun Cake

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