Top Your Own Short Cake Dessert Fruit Bar

Taking a fun twist on the traditional Strawberry shortcake, creating a fun top your own short cake bar with a rainbow of fruits, a drizzle of sauce, and a squirt of whipcream, makes a fun dessert for a gathering.

Strawberry Short Cake Ideas

It was my turn to provide a birthday cake for the next coworker's birthday, but everyone was on a diet and eating healthy. So I decide that an angel food cake was a great choice of cake to bring. Rather than just a traditional Strawberry Shortcake, I thought I'd make it a little more special for all my coworkers, yet still give them healthy options by creating a top your own fruit bar with a rainbow of fruits, and then a side dish of fresh strawberry sauce for those that do want a drizzle of sauce. and of course whip cream for topping as an option as well. 

I know this seems like an ultra simple dessert to throw together, but it got rave reviews! Desserts for a party, bridal or baby shower, or summer cook out with friends should be easy and fun. This one fits that bill! It provides the sweetness everyone loves, and isnt' too over the top out of everyone's diet plans either! Those that just want a bowl with the fruit could even do that and enjoy the dessert too!

Healthy Dessert Ideas

Forgive my more unprofessional photo shoot on this post! It was taken at work, just as the first people were digging in, back in the break room! So you get what you get sometimes! lol!

But next time you need a quick, easy, refreshing dessert for a crowd that will work for all types of people.. create a top your own short cake dessert fruit bar!

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